What We Offer

What We Offer

Proponent Group recognizes that Directors of Instruction, Academy owners and other accomplished teachers need a unique array of professional services to help them protect their careers and grow their businesses. We address these specific needs in more ways than any other organization in golf. The primary goal is to assist instructors to maximize professional opportunities, increase job security and increase compensation. To accomplish these goals, Proponent Group has developed numerous unique concepts, documents and services and is continually adding more services as our members needs change.


Proponent Group members currently receive the following services:


Unique Education/Networking Opportunities
Invitation to Proponent's one-of-a-kind annual Summit each Fall, our PGA Show week education sessions and all Proponent regional education events held around the country. These events offer members a unique chance to network with other premier teachers, gain access to industry best practices and acquire new strategies for growing your bottom line. All of our events are recorded on HD video and are available for member viewing at any time. More than 125 hours of educational presentations are currently on the website.


Teaching Operations Survey
Access to the results of the most comprehensive teaching operations survey in the industry. The data allows our members to make valuable comparisons between their teaching business and those at similar facilities.

Exclusive Compensation information
Access to the industry's most comprehensive compensation information. Whether you are considering a new position or negotiating a new contract, Proponent Group will provide you with the most detailed comp information in the industry. Most importantly, the data collected is protected by a strict confidentiality agreement.

Contract Review
Our staff has helped dozens of top instructors with contract negotiations and contract reviews. When your contract comes up for review or you consider a new job offer, our staff will review your contract with you and help you understand the key points that should be discussed and resolved with your employer.

Exclusive Job Announcements and Job Search Assistance
Exclusive access to the Proponent's Job Announcement Board including the ability for you to broadcast open positions on your staff exclusively to other Proponent Group members and to apply for positions using our state-of-the-art Private Member Network which allows you to create a multi-media presentation to potential employers. Proponent Group also provides assistance in writing resumes and cover letters and in prepping you for the interview to fully prepare you for today's very tight job market.

Member-Only Discounts
Exclusive member benefits and discounts from our sponsor corporations for key business needs including website design and hosting, teaching technologies, credit card processing and apparel and additional common golf instructor business expenses. For many of our members, these discounts are greater than the cost of the annual membership.

Consumer Surveys
Proponent Group has developed a relationship with Golf Datatech, the industry’s top independent research company, to conduct survey’s about the state of golf instruction. Golf Datatech surveys both golf instructors and 5,000 golfers from across the country to help our members gain unique insights into the mindset of golfers who take lessons and those who don’t to help develop new instruction programs and promotions that attract new students and retain current students. This report is available to all members.

Unique Webinars with World-Class Experts
Members have access to a variety of business and teaching topics throughout the year via Proponent Group's member webinar series. The webinars allow members to ask questions live during the event from any computer in the world. For members not able to participate live, the webinars are recorded and archived for viewing at any time on the members' website. 

Business Templates and Guides
Our unique guides and templates are available 24/7 to assist you in protecting and growing your business. These one-of-a-kind guides are designed and written specifically for high-level golf instructors and academies and save you time and money. Dozens of topics are covered including: Online marketing, public relations, contract templates, logo design, teaching building design, instructor business proposals, website design, an economic impact calculator, monthly and annual reporting templates, an action plan and Director of Instruction job description and much more.


Live Consultations
For our Full members, whenever you have a question about your business or career, you may call or email Proponent’s staff to discuss your situation and, if we don’t have experience with your particular issue, we’ll find the experts who do to help you quickly get the answers you need.

Member Mentors
Our members are among the best at teaching the game, but the business of golf instruction is more difficult to truly master. Within it are so many niches and business issues that it’s hardly possible to completely understand all of them. The good news is that within our membership we have instructors who are among the very best in just about every area you may ever need assistance. Our Member Mentors network is a database of highly-qualified members who have offered to help when other members have a question or two in an area in which the "mentor member” has significant expertise. The current roster includes more than 40 topics and is growing.

Proponent Preferred
Proponent Preferred is our version of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Our members need a variety of services throughout their careers such as business insurance, credit card processing, teaching building design, video production, literary agents, photographers, graphic designers, writers and more. We have identified specialists in all of these areas and more who have a deep understanding of the golf instruction business and can jump right in to assist with any business-related issue.

Private Facebook Group to Answer Your Questions
Members can ask for and give advice on any subject to other members on our private Facebook and Edufii groups. More than 80 percent of our membership is on our private groups and typically dozens of threads are started each week covering all facets of the instruction business.


An Option for Younger Instructors:
Our full memberships are limited to 350 members and these full memberships are reserved for instructors with at least 10 years of full-time teaching experience, but Proponent Group is committed to assisting younger, less experienced instructors at earlier stages in their careers through our Associate Membership program. For those who are just starting their teaching careers and are serious about improving their skills, these associate memberships provide:

  • Access to all Proponent Group educational programs, recorded presentations and webinars
  • Instructor job announcements 
  • Networking access to our full membership
  • Resume and cover letter review and evaluation
  • Interview strategy assistance
  • Members-only monthly newsletter

What our members are saying about Proponent Group...

"Proponent's attention to every detail is outstanding. The membership's passion for teaching is highly contagious and many of them have commented to me that without this organization's support we would be out there on our own.”
-Dylan Ross, Mexico City, Mexico

"What attracted me to Proponent Group was that I was told this was a group of indusry leaders that were open-minded, not averse to change, and always willing to learn and share knowledge. I have not been disappointed."
-Tony Clark, Windermere, FL

"The amount of information that is exchanged through the videos, business templates and events is invaluable. To be able to listen to and exchange ideas with the best in our field continues to make me a much better coach and businessperson. Thank You!”
-Gary Cardoza, South Easton, MA

"I joined Proponent Group for the opportunities it offers to learn from the game's top teachers and experts in a variety of fields. The support I get from Proponent absolutely has improved my business and it keeps me on the cutting edge."
-Mike Davis, Henderson, NV

"Proponent Group really understands the unique niche instructors occupy in our industry. The educational programs I have attended have given me solid plans and concepts for running my business more effectively. This is an organization led by those who care about helping us protect and grow our positions in the golf business."
-Jamie Fischer, Lake Forest, IL

"Proponent Group is really awesome. I'm ready to move my career to the next level and I really feel that Proponent is a huge stepping stone to get me headed in the right direction."
-Justin Klemballa, Paradise Valley, AZ

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